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This programme has been structured to reduce body fat levels significantly whilst simultaneously building lean muscle.

How does it work?

The main goal of this programme is to put your body into a calorie deficit whereby the body is utilising more calories than it is taking in. As a result, your body is forced to use energy from existing body fat stores. We want all this energy to come from fat under the skin and not lean body muscle.

It is important when following this programme that weight loss is consistent and not more than 3.5lbs or (1.5 KGs) per week with the exception of the first week or two which may show greater weight loss.

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Who Is Danny Williams?

As a founding member, and Managing Trainer of Eximius Fitness Ltd Danny specialises in bespoke individual personal training programmes and group fitness classes, in Mayfair and surrounding areas.

Danny’s passion has been all aspects of health and Fitness from a very early age. Danny quickly established that his passion for health and fitness would become his profession and career, and as such he was quickly promoted to ‘Group Leader’ for the Virgin Active Mayfair Premium Collection.

Danny is a level 3 REPS qualified personal trainer and boasts both a VIP and celebrity client base and is renowned for his results driven training programmes, techniques and outstanding nutritional knowledge. Danny is an expert in kinesiology body form and movements.

Outside the gym Danny has formed and managed several dance troops who have performed both nationally and internationally and he has developed close working relationships with some of the most prestigious modelling and promotional agencies in the UK.