Fitting Exercise into Your Christmas Break

No matter how committed you are to working out on a regular basis, it’s easy to start to let your exercise routine slip during Christmas. When you are staying up late to go to parties, drinking more than normal, and indulging in rich foods, it can be really difficult to get up and moving again in the morning. Don’t let your lack of exercise contribute to weight gain around the Christmas break or leave you feeling worn out. When you make sure that you make exercise a priority then you will feel and look great and can easily handle anything that your Christmas break throws at you.

Set a Challenge

You probably have personal goals that you are trying to crush, but to make working out a little more fun, consider making a challenge with friends or family members. It can include anything from being able to do a certain number of squats by the end of break to holding a plank for a certain number of minutes. No matter what you choose, the friendly competition and having a goal in mind will keep you focused on staying in shape and not missing days at the gym.

Adapt Your Schedule

If you have a crazy training schedule, then there isn’t anything wrong with backing off of it a little during Christmas break. Adapting your schedule to be a little more forgiving is a much better option than simply not going to the gym at all. It’s ok to cut down how many days you work out or how long your workouts are, as long as you are willing to step up the pace again after your break. Staying committed is key, and taking it easier is a better decision than giving up. Make sure to avoid these common workout mistakes too.

Join Your Friends

Of course you will want to get together with friends while on holiday, but that doesn’t mean that you need to meet up for brunch with bottomless mimosas. Instead, try a new yoga class together, go for a run, or bring your dogs, and head for a hike. When you stay moving together, you are much more likely to have fun and to keep up the working out. Rather than sitting at a bar or in a restaurant, you can be spending time with the people you love and sweating.

Be Prepared for Bad Weather

Bad weather may prevent you from going to the gym, but it shouldn’t prevent you from working out. Make sure that you have some resistance bands and gliders at your home so that you can easily enjoy a work out from the comfort of your living room. These items are small, but they can help you sweat and burn some calories.

I know that it can be tricky to keep exercising while on break. That’s why I offer personal training in Mayfair, Belgravia, Notting Hill, Holland Park and Marylebone. When you’re ready to change your life, call me. I’m happy to make sure that you stay on track with your fitness goals and keep you in great shape.

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